2015-2016 Photos

The Photography

One of the most powerful elements you have is the ability to capture and document your incredible work and show it off to the rest of the world.  As part of the California Pools team, you have access to our team of professional photographers to showcase your work. These photographs are used for both print and digital marketing and are submitted for industry awards. Plus, we choose winners for our design awards at the Annual Awards Banquet from each year's galley of photos (SEE RIGHT).

The Program

California Pools, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters) sponsors this photography program so that we can continue to document all of your incredible innovations and achievements, which are just a couple of our company's core values.  Hence, we offer to cover the cost of professional photography for three (3) of your backyard projects each year.  We have a team of professional photographers awaiting your requests that do an incredible job!  Any additional project you want to have professionally photographed can be scheduled and paid for directly with the photographer assigned to your territory.  Again, we strongly encourage you to work this program into your own office budget since it is a tangible and beautiful way of keeping an ongoing portfolio of the work we do here at California Pools - for your own office and for the company.

The Process

We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity now by submitting your list of projects you would like to have professionally photographed.

We ask that you submit a PROJECT DETAIL SUBMISSION FORM for each project you are requesting professional photography for. This information is critical to enable us to know the elements you want showcased in the shoot and to inform us of which awards each project should be considered for.