Our Story

My grandfather, Wayne Steimle, had been dreaming of putting a pool in his backyard for years.

He looked all over for a swimming pool company to help him with his project. Unfortunately, unlike today, swimming pool contractors in the 1950's were scarce. He could never find anyone with industry knowledge and experience to build what he wanted. So in the summer of 1952, he took advantage of his summer break as a high school physics teacher. Hiring some of his students to help, he launched construction on his backyard dream. Armed with little more than a shovel, a wheelbarrow, remarkable ingenuity and a powerful work ethic, California Pools was effectively born.

When the pool was completed three months later, the whole family was ecstatic. Apparently, so were the neighbors. At the end of the summer, they were all so impressed that they hired him to build pools in their backyards, too! My grandfather quit his teaching job and started California Pools the next year. 

When you think about it, not much has changed.  We still build each pool like we're building it for our own family.  60,000 pools later, California Pools has become one of the largest pool builders in the country.  Using innovative design and industry-leading construction techniques, we'­re still building the highest quality custom pools available anywhere.  I think my grandfather would be proud.

Ryder Steimle
CEO - California Pools