Mike is the General Manager of the California Pools Irvine office. He joined the California Pools Team in 2014. We sat down with Mike and asked him a few questions so that others can get to know a little bit more about Mike and why we find him such a great member of the California Pools family!

Q: Why do you love being a part of the California Pools Family or why have you joined our Team? 

A: California Pools has a great reputation and I look forward to being part of a team that is forward thinking.

Q: What is the [Weirdest/Wildest} moment you have experienced while working with California Pools? 

A: I Don't have 1 yet, but I look forward to it. :)

Q: How do you enjoy spending your downtime?

A: Spending time with my family. Wife and 2 wonderful kids. wife and best friend of 23 years, 14-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, white boxer, hairless cat and 2 bunnies. (well bunnies-not so much)

Q: What is your Favorite [Sport/Hobby]

A: Riding Motorcycles, Jetskis, flying Airplanes, Body Surfing

Q: What is your Favorite [Movie/Actor/Musician] 

A: Movie - Pure Country (always makes me cry), Actor - Heather Locklear (she is pretty cute), (ok maybe a bit shallow of me), Musician- ( I just like any music that makes me want to move)

Q: What is you favorite karaoke song? 

A: Margarita Ville

Q: If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be? 

A: Spiderman :) My Childhood Comic Book Hero

Q: What countries outside of the US have you visited? 

A: England, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tahiti, Mexico

Q: If you could be anywhere in the World, where would you be? 

A: Laying in a hammock between 2 palm trees on the beach in Morea with my family hanging out in the ocean.

Q: Describe your Favorite California Pool Project? 

A: My 1st one will be my favorite until the next.

Q: What is your Favorite pool design? 

A: I tend to like clean lines with a more contemporary feel.

Q: Tell us something we would not know or guess about you? 

A: I have a tribal tattoo across my back with my wife & kids names and mom hidden in the shading. (shhhhhh. Don't tell)