Pool decking can vary from an extension of your existing pool to a complete outdoor room or living space usually replacing existing unused areas. Decking adds value to your home and lifestyle, but proper planning is essential to maximize the return on your investment.

California Pools has over 60 years of experience and know how to help you create the perfect deck for your needs.

Deck Planning

Almost all decking plans begin with a navigable perimeter around your pool. Creativity and experience can extend this backyard experience to new levels of enjoyment.

• Baja Steps, or beach entry for your pool can help seamlessly transition your deck and pool.

• Deck extensions to support living space for gatherings of friends and family, or for just lounging and relaxing, can be an important factor.

• Pathways between structures, outdoor kitchens and such can also be incorporated, while elevating portions of a deck can thoroughly enhance views.

Finally, materials and landscaping provide the finishing touches in providing an aesthetically pleasing and usable deck.

Deck Design

Like any project, experience and creative know how can help stretch even the smallest of budgets and California Pool’s designers know exactly how to maximize your decking investment.

Our first step in the process is our initial design consultation to better understand your needs and budget, while taking an inventory of existing assets we can use in providing a design.

Continued communication and management of expectations will result in a collaborative plan we know you will be very pleased with.

Deck Considerations

Outside of the pool, decking is possibly the most important factor in any outdoor living space plan. Instrumental in implementing a decking plan is the types of materials to be used, and they can vary greatly.

Travertine, flagstone, acrylic topped concrete and artistic pavers are just a few of the considerations which are popular today and each has advantages in costs, maintenance and aesthetics.

In addition, required living space, views, outdoor features and orientation are all additional considerations which must be factored into an overall plan.


Enjoy your new decking project knowing that California Pools has been around since 1952 and with thousands of satisfied clients, your decking project will be no exception. Our reputation is built upon our support and backing of every project. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new California Pools deck knowing support is just a phone call away.