Courtney joined the California Pools team in 2010. She works for our California Pools | Los Angeles, CA office as their Lead Designer. We sat down with Courtney to find out more about her. This is what she shared with us...

Q: Why do you love being a part of the California Pools Family or why have you joined our Team? 

A: As a designer I love that I get to be a component of creating a space for families to make lasting memories.

Q: What is the [Weirdest/Wildest} moment you have experienced while working with California Pools?

A: One day I walked into the building where our previous office was located, and sleeping underneath the lobby stairs was what I thought to be a homeless person that somehow got into the building. Turned out, he was an employee of one of the companies that worked out of the building!

Q: How do you enjoy spending your downtime? 

A: Whenever I can I love to watch a good movie, read a book, or catch up on all of my favorite design blogs and magazines.

Q: What is your Favorite [Sport/Hobby]?

A: For years, I was a part of a competition jazz and hip hop dance team and I've always loved the sport of dance as a whole. But my favorite sport to watch would be football, GO EAGLES! As a hobby, I collect and experiment with cosmetics.

Q: What is your Favorite [Movie/Actor/Musician]?

A: There are so many! There's Julie and Julia for a movie, Stanley Tucci for an actor, and Sara Bareilles for a just begin to answer that question.

Q: What is you favorite karaoke song?

A: "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey go-to shower song!

Q: If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be?

A: Definitely Zatanna, in all her powerful and magical glory.

Q: What countries outside of the US have you visited?

A: I've never been outside of the U.S., sadly. I know. The farthest I've gotten from California would be The Big Apple..New York.

Q: If you could be anywhere in the World, where would you be?

A: Exploring and experiencing THE WORLD.

Q: What is your Favorite pool design?

A: My favorite type of pool design consists of a mix of modern architecture, plenty of soft greenery, and natural materials such as weathered wooden decks and rustic stonework.

Q: Describe your Favorite California Pool Project?A: Any beautiful pool with a beautiful view to look out at.

Q: Tell us something we would not know or guess about you? I have donated 12" of hair to Locks of Love 3 times.

I have donated 12" of hair to Locks of Love 3 times.

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