Posted 02.March, 2016

We hope you enjoyed your adventure in the BVIs, Sailors!

Posted 16.June, 2015

What you need to know about our upcoming rewards trip to the BVIs:

WHEN: 06.February, 2016 - 13.February, 2016


WHERE: British Virgin Islands (BVI)

WHO: California Pools' Managers must be in good standing with the company at the time of the trip in order to participate.  Points become null and void upon termination of employment or when participant is no longer in good standing with the company.  Company Managers may extend an invitation to the following upon approval by California Pools Corporate Headquarters: family members, a CP salesperson and companion, and/or a CP Project Manager and companion.   Employee must also be in good and active standing with California Pools at the time of the trip to participate.  You must register by July 31st, 2015 in order to attend.  Please fill out our registration form with all accompanying guests' information as soon as possible.

COST: $$$$$$


INCLUDED: You are able to participate on either a 514PC sailboat or a 4800 powerboat.



DISCLAIMER: California Pools Corporate Headquarters maintains the right to terminate this trip at any time prior to departure.